The Newest Changes In Automotive Standards (incl. IATF 16949 and VDA 6.3:2016)

Review: In order to inform you of the newest changes in automotive standards, including IATF 16949 and VDA 6.3:2016 and present our training portfolio, experience and the used training methods, we would like to invite all of the companies already working with automotive, especially VDA –based, and the ones who plan such cooperation, for a meeting with Team Prevent representatives.

The meeting will take place in 20th October and will be an opportunity to ask questions and clarify doubts regarding VDA, its licensed trainings, auditor requirements etc.

Our international team, experienced in performing VDA licensed trainings will make sure you find the right solution for yourself.

The meeting will be in english.

More about VDA QMC:

Over the last 20 years automotive industry has developed rapidly in Bulgaria. The production of automotive components is a priority sector for foreign investment, as it has huge potential.

This did not stay unnoticed by German car manufacturers, who show the directions of actions for multitude of their suppliers and sub-suppliers. The automotive association, VDA, with their Quality Management Center, VDA QMC, puts great emphasis on spreading the knowledge regarding automotive standards within the whole supply chain in all the countries.

It has been decided that VDA QMC will receive a local representative in Bulgaria and we are proud to announce that this honors came to Team Prevent. Team Prevent has wide experience regarding VDA licensed trainings in other countries.

Nowadays car manufacturers require from their supply chain more and more knowledge and application of regulatory automotive requirements, therefore we provide the ability for Bulgarian companies delivering to German OEMs, to train their personnel easily, in local language and in the country of residence.

As VDA QMC licensee in Bulgaria, we will perform trainings of VDA manuals, auditor trainings and other trainings licensed by VDA.

Data: 20.10.2016; Start from 10:00 am; End in 12:30 pm
Location: Hotel Riu Pravets Resort, city Pravets / Хотел Риу Правец Голф и Спа Резорт, гр. Правец
Working language: English
Lecturers: Donat Thomanek; Beata Praszczyk; Joanna Duda


10:00     Registration
10:15 – 12:30    

        Short Info reg. Team Prevent Group with stress on Polish Branch as the owner of the VDA Licence
        From ISO / TS 16949 to IATF 16949  – what change?
    News from VDA 6.3
        Cooperation with VDA QMC
    -       Why the licence is important?
    -       Who needs it?
    -       And how to get it?
        Why Trainings in the automotive help to develop my own company?
    -       Trainings on the new IATF 16949
    -       Trainings on the VDA standards
    -       Other trainings done by Team Prevent
    -       Statistics/ diagrams
    -       Our Trainers
        How to establish the cooperation with Team Prevent
    -       Info for Trainers – why? when? who? Advantages
    -       info for companies – advantages, perspectives

12:30     Coffee break